Live-edge turnings

Cherry live-edge bowl

Cherry live-edge bowl, 3" tall, $60

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I’ve been doing a lot of turning this summer. My work is on display and for sale at the Historic Arkansas Museum Store in Little Rock. If you haven’t visited the Arkansas Heritage exhibits, I highly recommend it. The historic buildings and displays are fun and educational to visit, and the museum store is filled with a variety of handmade gift items from Arkansas artists. Check the website at for all they have to offer if you’re visiting downtown Little Rock.

Pear vessel with bark

Pecan vessel with bark, 8 5/8" tall, $75

Using bark as a feature of a turned piece is a popular technique. Called live-edge or natural-edged pieces, they’re a bit tricky to make without breaking off the bark. Some care should be taken when owning such a piece; the bark edge (especially on the bowls) is delicate and can be broken off. The good news is, even if the bark breaks, it leaves behind a smooth and interesting edge that is still aesthetically appealing. One of my wife’s favorite pieces is a natural-edge bowl without the bark (the hackberry natural edge bowl pictured on the bowls page).

Small oak vessel with bark

Small oak vessel with bark, 3 1/4" tall, $45


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